Transkribus Learn

Welcome to Transkribus Learn!

Transkribus Learn is a great way to learn how to read different styles of historical handwriting. This e-learning tool does not replace systematic paleography training but it allows users to practice reading and transcribing historical handwriting. The more you practice, the more you learn!

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With Transkribus Learn, you can practice transcribing different collections of documents and see how your recognition and transcription skills improve. You can use Transkribus Learn on every computer and mobile device.

After you login, you should first select a collection that interests you from the Documents page.



Once you select a collection, six areas will be displayed: “Study”, “Review”, “Test”, “Explore”, “Stats” and “Switch”.


In the “Study” area you can practice reading and transcribing individual words from different passages of text. In the “Study” area, you receive feedback after you have transcribed 10 words – check the blue progress bar at the top of the page to show how many words you have transcribed.



If you are struggling to guess the correct word, you can click the “No idea…” button to reveal the right answer.




But if you already know the word, you can simply skip to the next example by clicking the “Got it!” button.




The “Review” area allows you to review and practice passages that you found difficult – either words that you have skipped by pressing the “No idea” button or words which you transcribed incorrectly.



In the “Test” area, you can test the skills you have been practicing. You will see a line of text from a document, with a transcription below. Click your cursor in the input field and begin typing the missing word. When you have finished transcribing the word, hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to move on to the next example. You cannot skip any of the words! You can click on the image of the text to zoom in and out if you need to.  Your results will be shown once you have transcribed ten words.



In the “Explore” area, you can learn more about a style of handwriting by taking a closer look at different letters and numbers from your chosen collection. You can choose to look at lower case letters, upper case letters, special characters and numbers. Once you click on a character, you will be shown images of this letter in the documents that you are working on.



The “Stats” area allows you to see how much you have learnt! Transkribus Learn calculates the number of words you have studied and shows how many you have transcribed correctly. It also provides an average and overall score based on the words you have transcribed in the “Study” area. Your recent answers are rated more highly so that earlier mistakes do not disrupt the learning process.


By clicking “Switch”, you can return to the Documents page and select a new collection to practice on.




We hope you enjoy improving your transcription skills with Transkribus Learn!

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact the Transkribus team.