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READ Deliverables according to work packages

Work Package 1: Project Management

D1.2 Public Report for Y2 (M24)

Work Package 2: Dissemination

D2.4 Dissemination and Awareness Plan (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D2.7 Website (M3 – closed)

D2.8 Data Management Plan (M12)update (M24)update (M42)

D2.11 Workshops (M12) – update (M24)update (M42)

Work Package 3: Network and Business Development

D3.4 EuropeanHandsFamousHands (M12) – update (M24) – update (M42)

D3.7 ScriptNet Competition (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

Work Package 4: Service Maintenance and Integration

D4.1 READ platform and Service Maintenance (M12) – update (M24)update (M42)

D4.4 Tool and Service Integration (M12) – update (M24) – update (M42)

D4.7 User Satisfaction (M12) – update (M24)update (M42)

D4.10 Transcribe Bentham (M12)  – update (M24)update (M42)

D4.13 Integration of MOU Partners (M12) – update (M24) – update (M42)

D4.16 HPC Integration (M12 – closed)

Work Package 5: Service Innovation

D5.1 Language Toolkit and Resources (M12) – update (M24 closed)

D5.3 E-Learning application (M12) – update (M24 – closed)

D5.5 Mobile Crowd-sourcing Tools (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D5.8 ScriptNet Large Scale Dataset (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D5.11 Page Image Explorer (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D5.14 ScanREAD (M12 – closed)

Work Package 6: Layout Analysis

D6.1 Binarisation and Image Enhancement Tools (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D6.4 Basic Layout Analysis Tool (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D6.7 Table and Form Analysis Tools (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D6.10 Line and Word Segmentation Tools (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D6.13 Document Understanding tools (M12) – update (M24) update (M36)

Work Package 7: Handwritten Text Recognition and Keyword Spotting 

D7.1 HTR Engine based on Hidden Markov Models (M12) – update (M24) update (M36)

D7.4 Interactive Predictive Transcription Engine (M12) – update (M24) update (M36)

D7.7 HTR Engine based on Neural Networks (M12) – update (M24) – update (M36)

D7.10 Language Models (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D7.13 Keyword Spotting Engines (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D7.16 Writer Identification and Retrieval (M12) – update (M24) update (M36)

D7.19 Model for Semi- and Unsupervised HTR Training (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

Work Package 8: Large Scale Demonstrators

D8.1 Open Innovation Forum (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D8.4 Zurich – Evaluation and Bootstrapping (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D8.7 Finland- Layout Analysis and Crowd-sourcing (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D8.10 Passau – Keyword Spotting in Registry Books (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)

D8.13 Venice Time Machine – Meta-learning model (M12) – update (M24)update (M36)