The READ-COOP SCE with limited liability was established on 9th November 2019. It is a European Cooperative Society located in Innsbruck/Austria. It was set up on 1st of July 2019 by several members of the H2020 READ project in order to sustain and further develop the Transkribus platform. We are convinced that the legal model of a European Cooperative Society will give us the opportunity to carry out our work in a highly efficient, open and democratic way.

READ-COOP is based on the EU directive of a European Cooperative Society (SCE) but it is open to members outside of the European Community as well.


  • is a legal entity that allows its members to carry out common activities, while preserving their independence
  • has the principal objective of satisfying its members’ needs and not the return of capital investment
  • allows members to benefit proportionally to their profit and not to their capital contribution.

With this governance model we are able 

  • to follow our mission which is to support humanities scholars, archives, libraries and the general public to transcribe, recognize and search historical documents with cutting edge technology
  • to sustain and further develop the Transkribus platform
  • to run a community driven portal for gathering and sharing documents, transcriptions, technology and knowledge among members and the public
  • to constantly improve technology such as text recognition, layout analysis, or table recognition in close relationship with research groups and technology providers

Sharing is caring, or how members will benefit. The coop will

  • care about the Transkribus platform
  • provide significant discounts on paid services
  • enable members to shape the future of Transkribus in a democratic way –  each member has one to five votes in the General meeting
  • provide members free access to the yearly Transkribus User Conference

More than 30 institutions and private persons have already joined the coop. See the list of current READ-COOP members.


READ-COOP is run by the board of directors consising of Günter Mühlberger (chair), Andy Stauder (managing director) and Melissa Terras.

The board is supervised and elected by the General meeting of  all members which will meet at least once a year.

Statutes of READ-COOP

The statutes of READ-COOP are the “bible” for our future work. Please read them carefully. They are compliant with the EU directive on European Cooperatives as well as with national Austrian legislation and related laws. They were carefully set up with support from the Raiffeisen Association and approved by the Landesgericht Innsbruck (Court of Tyrol). The official registration number of READ-COOP SCE with limited liability is FN 520187g.

Invitation to take part

  • READ COOP SCE welcomes every new member!
  • Membership shares are a one-time payment which will be refunded when the member leaves the coop!
  • Membership share for institutions (legal entities)
    • EUR 1000 – 1 vote in the General Meeting (minimum)
    • EUR 2000 – 2 votes
    • EUR 3000 – 3 votes
    • EUR 4000 – 4 votes
    • EUR 5000 – 5 votes (maximum)
  • Membership share for natural persons
    • EUR 250 – 1 vote
  • The yearly membership fee is 25% of the share.

In order to become a member of READ-COOP please fill in the following document and send it to the address indicated below:

    • attn. Andy Stauder
    • Technikerstraße 21a
    • 6020 Innsbruck
  •  Your request will be dealt with at the monthly meeting of the board of directors.

Contact us for more information.